My question is about my “boyfriend”. I work at a fast food restaurant with him, i’m 17 and he is 23. I actually wasn’t aware of his age when i first starting liking him i only recently found out. I thought he was so good looking all questions left my mind. He also is from Spain and he doesn’t speak good English. I have been with him a few months i suppose. I haven’t really kept track but i have been trying to break it off with him for some time. He gets jealous if other guys i work with talk to me, he asked if there are boys in my school and got mad because there are, some one else over heard this question and told him how do you expect her to control that? He follows me and will call me and say why was i at Walmart.. Like i said- I’ve told him several times that we are over so i have been seeing someone from my school. He called me to tell me he saw me at the movies with him. Here’s where it gets scary. One day after work last week my mom had to pick me up because my car was having issues. My mom and I went to Walmart shopped came out to all four of my moms tires slashed.. Later that night he was calling. And he will call and call and call until someone picks up, so i knew it was him. I didn’t want to answer but my mom told me to just answer. I got it out of him that it was in fact him that slashed her tires. He apologized and said that he will pay for them and to tell my mom. I told my mom and she said no, she doesn’t want that. I am confused why she wouldn’t want him to pay for them because we can not afford to replace them that i know of. How do i get this guy out of my life OTM?

Dear Sarah,

I am so glad you see this spells trouble and your moving forward without this guy. However, you may have to get a restraining order on him if he continues to harass and destroy property. HE SLASHED YOUR MOTHER’S TIRES?
That action has sick and controlling written all over it. Thank the good Lord you see that now.

Sarah, if he doesn’t get it and get it now you MUST file a court order on him. He is dangerous and sounds out of touch with what’s happening. In fact I’ll bet Your Mother does not want him to pay for the tires because she wants him out of your life immediately and forever. Respect your mothers wishes, second guess nothing and move on. If he doesn’t get it and continues to peruse, chase or harm you or any property IMMEDIATELY seek help. He is not balanced.

Huge Muther Huge,


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