My oldest daughter Danny has always lived 10-20 minutes from home. But my Danny has always been a free spirit a wanderer, wanting new places and changes so when her boyfriend and her started planning their move out of state it was like ok finally. Years of talking about it, it’s about time. I was excited for them ! They’ve been gone two weeks and my body aches. I miss my girl, I can’t just jump in the car and drive over to her place. I didn’t realize how much this would hurt . I’m torn because I’m excited for my Danny’s new adventure in life but a part of me hopes it doesn’t work out and that my girl and her boyfriend will move back to home town. Am I horrible. Time to cut the cord?

Dear Vanessa,

Ugh, it is so hard when our children grow up, especially when we realize they are ready to FLY and we are not.
I hated it when each one of my 4 left for college. The fact that I wasn’t part of their every day lives, floored me.
However, as the saying goes time heals and it did. I just had to come to terms with the fact that they needed their space and time to build a life on their own.
Vanessa, this is all new and very fresh and it will take time to adjust but you will. Now there are so many unbelievable and awesome ways to stay in touch, skype, facetime, text, instagram, facebook, twitter, email and the old standard a phone call.
Me, seriously would text them a message daily, even if it was just HI, Love You, Miss You, Thinking of You or even a smile.
It made me feel better and let them know they were always in my heart and thoughts. Honestly I still do and they all have families of their owns.
Vanessa you were right, time to cut the cord. It’s time to let them figure out what is out there for them, like we did for us. Hey maybe it is your time to explore something new for you maybe a passion or hobby that you placed on the back burner while raising your family. Who knows it may turn into something you enjoy and help fill the empty void a bit.
Also it helps to remember Vanessa that your daughter hasn’t really gone that far, she is always in your heart and you in hers.

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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