I have a question . I was …WAS…with a Man I cared so much about gave my ALL to..Did everything for him and I ,I was more concerned about keeping him happy like ; making sure he had coffee…and a hot dinner.and Making sure I looked right for him always 95 percent of the time..and SEX when he wanted it. Even if I was to tired still went along with it. Problem is in the beginning he is so happy , excited I cant do anything wrong. But within a Month he is bored and already his Mind is elsewhere ..Oh also we have broken up several times and back together after…Its so GREAT when we arent together , because I receive his FULL ATTENTION , when he thinks and knows he treated me poorly and I have a chance to MEET someone better…Then hes so intuned and aware that I can meet and go out with anybody and have fun…But as soon as he WINS me back he does a 180 and goes right back into…His Selfish ways ,,ALL about Him…wont help me…Once recently before we broke up I had 4 bald Tires driving to work on..Asked him to please help me look for affordable ones that I could afford..Didn’t ..DID NOT ..ask him to purchase them to just look around for ones , and I would get them…Well 2 months went by ..Nothing …He would say he didn’t have time to look…BACK GROUND teachers have off 3 months in the summer…. Well I had enough of driving in the Rain with Tires that made my car feel unsafe so I relied on myself and found some and had them put on..What I’m saying isn’t all about Tires…Its about when someone cares about you and says they Love you ..Was it to much to ask for help …When ever I asked for any help in anyway …He was always to busy to seem to have any interest in my issues..UNTIL we break up and then , He so compliant to my needs and will , says he will do anything in the world for me..Build a bridge if I asked and needed it…What is wrong with a guy that plays these games…When he has you . your a bother..When we Are apart…OH GOD…IM THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE.. Im a ANGEL FROM HEAVEN ….omg….I need a drink…Well thats my dilemma … Thank you..and good Luck

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