Guest: Dr. Tania Elliott

You've seen her on: Dr Phil, ABC World News, Good Morning America, Rachael Ray, Dr Oz and the emmy winning, The Doctors TV show.  Dr. T. a leading allergist and preventive medical physician in New York City explains how breath easier and stay...

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Guest: Antoinette Tuff

Courage, Composure and Compassion  elementary school bookkeeper, Antoinette Tuffselflessly negotiates with an active school shooter wielding an AK47. Listen to her incredible...

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Guest: Dr. Shannon Klingman

Dr. Shannon Klingman is an obstetrician/gynecologist from Minnesota who is shifting the narrative on how and why people smell. As the founder and inventor of Lume, an all-natural and aluminum free deodorant, Dr. Klingman discovered an outstanding odor control product,...

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Guest: Chef Sarah Nelson

I first learned her name and her story when I read an article published in Thrillist in 2016 titled, “MEET THE MOST BADASS FEMALE CHEFS IN NEW YORK”. The Executive Chef at the wildly popular Beauty and Essex and The Stanton Social, in New York City, both owned by...

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Guest: Meaghan Murphy Good Housekeeping

Executive Editor at Good Housekeeping Magazine, brought on 4 years ago in May to help “dust off” the 130-year-old megabrand which is 18.4 million strong! Meagan formerly landed an on-air gig as a lifestyle correspondent on MTV, served on the creative team at...

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Guest: Heather Monahan

Heather Monahan, #BossinHeels educates women on how to, ELEVATE women. Heather has declared that her mission is to empower women to run the world by showing them how to own their unique strengths to achieve success.From getting a first job, to getting THE job, she...

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Guest: M. Douglas Bibbey

Douglas Bibbey, had her hands in the tech world for most of her career even back when women in that industry, were far and few between. Having a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, in 1985 Douglas was awarded a NASA Distinction for her work on the space...

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Guest: Dr. Anna Lee Fisher

Dr. Anna Lee Fisher, a professional chemist, an emergency room physician, a wife and mother of 2, happens to also be the first women in space who was a Mother. Yes, you heard me right, listen to her fabulous life lessons, today we speak to astronaut, Dr. Anna Lee...

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