Guest: Gloria Allred & Shari Botwin

Gloria Allred is notably this nation’s most prominent women’s rights attorney fighting for women’s and civil rights in some of the most high-profile and often most controversial cases in America. From the celebrity trials of OJ Simpson, Scott Peterson Hunter Tylo,...

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Guest: Aida Yodites

From science to seamstress, listen to how Aida left her 6-figure career to devote all her time to the birth of Delicate Seams, a complete undergarment line for girls, regardless of size or skin tone.

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Guest: Fitness Model Alexis Johnson

Today’s guest has survived the demons of addiction, depression, bipolar disorder, binge eating, alcohol abuse, prison and more. From Penn State to the State pen, she buried 16 of her closest friends to heroin overdoses and suicides, and now dedicates her life to...

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Guest: Jamie Hess

An extremely successful lifestyle PR executive in NYC and founder of Instagram's wildly popular @NYCFitFam shares her real-life lessons.

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Guest: Dr. Tania Elliott

You've seen her on: Dr. Phil, ABC World News, Good Morning America, Rachael Ray, Dr. Oz and the Emmy-winning, The Doctors TV show. Dr. T. a leading allergist and preventive medicine physician in New York City explains how breath easier and stay...

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Guest: Antoinette Tuff

Courage, Composure and Compassion  elementary school bookkeeper, Antoinette Tuffselflessly negotiates with an active school shooter wielding an AK47. Listen to her incredible story.

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