Dear OTM,

Hi one tough muther. I’m 24 and my boyfriend is away at college . He is at college five hours away and I want to drive to see him this coming weekend. My mother is saying no no no I am not allowed to, that it isn’t happening because I live in her house. But OTM I have a full time job, pay my own car and gas and what not so can she really tell me what to do because I live in her house?

Dear Jewel,

If your 24 years old, no she can’t but you aren’t saying why she doesn’t want you to. Have you ever driven that far before? Is your car safe for the long a time? Do you know where you are going? Can your boyfriend meet you half way?
Know you daughter is alone for 5 hours on the road is a rough and scary call for any Mother. Once my daughter drove a little over 3 hours to see an college friend and I hated it. I’m sure her concern is what happens if you break down. You will be far from home and alone.
Your initial question was, “At 24 years old CAN my Mother tell me what to do if I live in her house” and the answer is no, you are an adult. However should you take a risk and disrespect what she says, I’d have to say you shouldn’t. She is worried and rightfully so. If you do decide to take the trip, you must take your car to be checked over and serviced first, have them check the tires and brakes among other things, I always take my car in for a once over before I drive any long distance. Make sure you have plenty of knowledge about where you are going as well as a car charger for your phone and a gps. Please check the route for highway detours on the computer and make sure you do not go without having looked at a REAL map and carry it with you.
Remember a young women on the road can be very vulnerable, safety and common sense must be the number one thing on your mind.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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