I wrote to you a few months ago on how my husband admitted to infidelity years ago with a close friend of ours. Update- All ties with this friend are cut. It did only happen twice and he regretted it right away. It became clear he was tricked into it. This woman is a swinger and is married to my husbands (now ex best friend).My Husband has apologized and apologized and has moved on as though it had never happened. I have stretches where I forget about it. But then I have days where I am angry. I have days when all I think is I can’t wait to leave him in later years because of this. Then days where I feel so good with him. So really I have good days and bad days. I feel emotionally all over the place and CRAZY. PLEASE TELL ME THIS IS A normal reaction, that I will get over this. Should I be over this already? Should I go to the doctor and be evaluated?

Dear Dear Justine,

Yes, what you are feeling is 100% normal and I strongly believe that time will lighten your load however, I also honestly believe that you should go to a doctor and talk it out. I’m sure you can find a therapist who deals with marital issues with very little effort and that therapist should be equipped with mental tools that will help you to address and identify your negative triggers.
Justine, I’m not suggesting that you need intense or even long time therapy, I am simply saying that there are times when, even if we think we can, we just can’t sort things out on our own.
Give it a try I think it will be worth it. I understand completely, I was in a similar situation and my girlfriend who is a doctor really helped me.
Good luck Justine and I am very sorry that happened to you, I hope you find peace.


One Tough Muther

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