Am I wrong to get over an affair my husband had, years ago but I just found out? I should be madder but I’m moving past it.

Dear Aveline,

No, you are not wrong Aveline, you are smart. Somehow you have found out about something that happened years ago in your marriage. Something that you never knew about or never had to deal with. Something that was buried and you wonder why you are able to move on. I am hoping it is obvious that your husband made a very bad choice and corrected his behavior before he ruined your marriage. Aveline, getting angry now that you’ve found out is completely justifiable, holding on to angry over something that happened years ago, would be nothing but detrimental.
I applaud and admire you and your decision. Be true to yourself and your feelings on this and DO NOT let anyone interfere or disrupt you resolve.

Best of luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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