One tough Muther my boys fight NON STOP. They are under 10 and Someone gives the wrong look and that becomes a punching fest. Or someone has the other ones toy. Or one of them BREATHES offensively towards the other . Ok that last one I made up but sometimes i feel like it is that little of a problem. When my kids were younger everyone kept saying,” Believe me, as they age,it gets easier” So far, IT IS NOT.All this fighting or playing rough, i mean i know they are boys but geez, i can’t even relax hearing all the noise!! My older one starts it and the younger one finishes it with pounding punches. I dread saturdays during the school year, and thinking of ALL summer off is giving me serious anxiety.I have never ever dreaded the summer, i used to look forward to it, not this summer. Am i the only one going through this and what am i doing wrong? I do not want to be punishing all summer. Oh by the way, out in public they are angels. People comment how calm and behaved they are, and i want to gag. Don’t get me wrong, love them to death and they behave but when they fight it’s the worst!

Dear Ref,

Awwww, this is the question so many Mother’s ask. I have to be honest it does get better, once they leave for college.
I really don’t think there is a magical solution, I have heard tons of opinions but all have flaws and each really depends on your child’s personality.

I use to separate them and would not allow them to play together again for while. Then if it continued I’d separate them and not allow them to interact at all.There comes a time in parenting that you listen to everyone’s ideas and nothing works for you and you have to modify to your own situation.
In every home there is the instigator and the tattler. The only way to stop one or the other is to eliminate the opportunity to engage. So, if they can’t play together and have to play alone they will be bored, play are much more fun with two.
Separate them, one goes to one area in the house and the other goes to another.
No TV and no video games for either, if they can’t play or watch tv together, then they can’t play a part.
Stick to it and don’t give in also ignore their pleas and excuses, hopefully they will catch on.

Good Luck,

One Tough Muther

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