My husband and I have an awesome relationship. We can say or do anything to each other and never get upset or offended. I think in the 21 years we’ve been together we’ve had one actual fight. About 6 years ago while visiting Atlantic City we accidently walked into a swingers club. It looked like a fun night club from the outside. We hung out and watched for a while and it looked like everyone was having a great time. We finished our drinks and left. The thought of what was going on there drove me wild inside for weeks. I spoke to my husband and he said he couldn’t stop thinking about it either. How much fun the people were having was unbelievable. We decided to go there again, we slowly joined in for a little fun with another nice young couple who were very experienced in this environment. The thrill my husband and I got from watching each other with other people was extremely overwhelming. We’ve been involved with this lifestyle now for about 7 years. We keep it super private. However, a friend of mine is always dying to know where we were always going and why we did not invite her and her husband along. I told her several times as politely as possible that I didn’t think they’d be interested. Well one night the followed is to an event. She completely freaked out and thinks we are sick and disgusting people. I tried to tell her we both enjoy it, we “tried” to keep it private and really it’s our business. Now she has told everyone we know. Some friends like the idea and ask lots of questions and other think we should rot in H E double hockey sticks. My question is if my husband and I are fine with it, should I really let what her or others think bother me? Thanks OTM!!

Dear Alexis,

What you and your husband do in the privacy of your own marriage as consenting adults, in 100% mutual agreement is completely your business as long as it is legal. You are not being forced or forcing anyone else and you both find pleasure in what you are doing so not one person has the right to judge you. Swinging is not for everyone and I personally don’t find it exciting but if it floats your boat, than you don’t owe anyone any explanations.
Alexia one suggestion, don’t open up to much to others even though they have tons of questions. Some times it is better to keep certain things private so it doesn’t add fuel to a nosy person’s fire.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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