Dear One tough Muther,

A friend of mine recently lost her home and now she rents an apartment in an apartment complex. The rules clearly state NO PETS. But her landlord did allow her one cat. ONE and told her this one is only allowed. She went and got three more cats and two little dogs. Her landlord stopped by one day and saw how many animals she had inside her second story one bedroom apartment and was furious! He told her I allowed you the one cat not all these. Now he said to her that she needs to find homes for all her pets ( except the one) before the end of the month or she is out! My friend is on a budget and has a nice place you think that she would jump to it but no she says she is not getting rid of her pets and plans to get another dog. She is crazy!! I don’t understand. She will be living in her car with all these animals soon. She said she is afraid to give the pets to a person she doesnt know and she is afraid to give them to a shelter because she is afraid they will not be loved. She said she is sticking to her guns with the land lord and that he will change his mind and allow the pets. Why does she think she the rules don’t apply to her!

Dear Stephanie,

Your friend has serious emotional troubles. I completely feel she acts this way because she needs to show these animals love and security because she has none. She is burying her feelings of insecurity and loneliness by rescuing these poor homeless, unloved animals. By losing her home and maybe everything she loved she feels the need to stop that hurt from happening to others.

Stephanie, your friend needs help.

I am sure you have spoken to her and tried to help but she what she really needs is professional counseling. It’s sad to say but if in fact she lost her home, she may have no way monetarily of getting professional help. That is a problem because she has to peel back the layers of what is happening to her in her head and talk out her feelings. I am sure that she is very fragile emotionally, even though she acts tough by stating “I am sticking to my guns.”
The truth is at times we get caught in a downward spiral when things are falling a part and we just can’t get out of it alone. Does she have family or anyone you can speak to? A sister, brother, mother, child or anyone close. She needs to speak to a professional before she loses this apartment and herself completely. Stephanie, I have witnessed how an emotional downward spiral can end and it is tragic.

Please speak to her and/or any family member you can to get her help. It is very sad that this poor woman is lost, you are a wonderful friend for trying to help her. My heart is with you on this please let me know how it goes.

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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