Dear OTM,

Hello. My question is do you think it is ok to learn through experience. I have been a stay home mother for the past 8 years, ok. Before kids I went to school for hair dressing but ended it once I found out I was pregnant with my first child. I love hair and I know I am good at it but for some reason I can’t see myself in that field working. I love helping people. I feel I have a big heart. I have been struggling with what to do for awhile as nothing seems to fit for me or good enough. I finally made the decision that I will take a medical class in the spring. It’s a certified nurse assistant class. I’m not 100% for it, being I got a glimpse into this field at a previous job at an elderly home but I figure it is a start. I’m choosing this because the class is short. A three month course and with kids that is perfect. And also knowing me, and getting my foot in the education door for something will Heighten my confidence in the future. But should I feel 100% for a potential class/ career. Should I feel ashamed if after the class is done I decide not to have this as a career? Should I just take the leap and go for it.

Dear May,

You should NEVER feel ashamed for trying. Getting out there again and getting started are the two toughest things to do so give yourself credit, you deserve it.
OK, here are my fears. You aren’t passionate about this occupation, you already know this is not what you want to do as a career and you are basing your entry back into the working world on time, “a short course”. I hope that this doesn’t back fire and you become bored and disinterested, which will make this short course feel like a life time, and if you hate it, it ruins any glimmer of interest you have in future schooling.
May, think about looking for something you are really interested in. What is it you love, what is it you are passionate about, what would make you want to do as a career. Then you will not be wasting your time and you will be that much farther ahead in your training.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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