Dear One tough Muther,

I just gave birth to my child, it’s a girl. She is 4 weeks old. She is healthy and everything is good with the baby. But I need your help because I am afraid to say this out loud to my family because I know it will cause worry, or anger. I feel No connection with my baby. This started when I got home from the hospital an settled at home so the baby was a few weeks old. My husband and my mother care mostly for the baby, I am not nursing anymore because I don’t want to. I don’t care to hold the baby or anything. I know I must love her because she is mine and I was looking forward to this planned pregnancy with my husband but now…..everything has changed. I feel the baby is more of an annoyance and bother than a gift. I don’t feel anger to the baby just, no connection. What is happening to me?

Thank you,


Dear Mandy,

Honey, you are suffering from postpartum depression and you MUST speak to your doctor immediately. What you are feeling is not abnormal or unusual my sister and my daughter both suffered from this and felt so much better after they received help.
Please log on to this link to see how common postpartum is and get information.

Mandy, please promise me you will speak to your doctor, no one will know and you will get the help you need to feel better soon. Honey, you are a wonderful Mommy to realize you need a little help and will feel wonderful once you get it, I promise.
Mandy, I would really love it if you write me to tell me how you are feeling, your bravery by asking for help is bound to help other new mothers feeling the same way, thank you.

Lots of Love & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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