Dear OTM ,

I told my husband that with our tax return I do not want to blow it, we have bills to catch up on FIRST. Ok, my husband was mentioning about getting a new game system with the money. It seems dumb to me, that’s last on my mind, we have bills like I said, the kids need things, we should put money down on a car. Guess what my father in law does? Calls my husband,” so hey I got you two games for that new system for Christmas”. Who buys games for someone who doesn’t have that system and has responsibilities that comes first, like family stuff. Money is tight aNd my father in law knows that. And like I said, we need other things first !

Dear Mary,

ARE YOU KIDDING? I would be blown away. You have children, bills and household obligations and your father-in-law buys your husband a couple of games for a game system he doesn’t even have? Does your father-in-law know that your husband doesn’t have the game system and that you need to catch up on over due responsibilities?
If your father-in-law knows you are tight on money and pulls this ridiculous act it is completely disrespectful to you and your family. By the way WHO spends money on a new gaming system when they are behind in their bills or have important family obligations that need addressing? I would say speak to your father-in-law but that sounds like a waste of time.
So maybe speak to your husband openly and honestly and remind him of his family obligations, which must come first.
Spending money that you don’t have, on something you don’t need, is immature and completely irresponsible. If you brought children into this world it is your responsibility to put their needs first and provide for them until they are out on their own. Maybe you should remind your husband who the children are and who the adults are.

Good Luck and Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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