I’ve been helping my mother care for people who are terminally sick & there is this one man my age who I’ve fallen for. He’s amazing and kind hearted and he feels the same way. I know that he is sick but there are days when you wouldn’t know how sick he is. It hasn’t hit me I guess that I will one day lose him but that is reality . Am I setting myself up for heartache that I should be avoiding ? Or continue to enjoy my time with him, because it feels worth it?

Dear Charlie,

Wow, how lucky are the two of you to have found one another.
Charlie, I don’t feel like you are setting yourself up for anything, Honey you know what is coming. The reality is life is short and we can lose anyone at anytime. You have been given an opportunity to make yourself and someone you love happy, WHY would you pass that up?
Charlie, love and enjoy these special moments with no regrets. Enjoy being together, laughing, crying and loving one another.
You have found something that many people spend an entire lifetime looking for and never find, don’t pass that up.
There are no guarantees in life for anyone and no promise of tomorrow so make every second count.
You are an amazing person, I wish you all the best.

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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