My husband and I hold weekly dinners at our home with two other married couples. Our friends. During our last dinner I caught our two friends in a passionate kiss. Problem is they aren’t the ones married to each other. They didn’t see me because it was down the hall near my bathroom door so I could see them but from an angle so they don’t know I know. This may have been a one time thing so i’m not sure if it is my place to say anything or not. I know if i was being cheated on I would want to know but it was just a kiss, it may be nothing at all & maybe just to much wine, even though it seemed passionate- from what i could see. This is one of those situations where either road I take seems bad.

Dear Marie,

You are 100% right. You my friend are between a rock and a hard place. Yes, if your expose them and it was just a one time thing, the wine talking or anything else you look ridiculous. HOWEVER, if it is a full blown affair and they are caught you may be in the line of fire for exposing them and lose friends.
Did you ever think about asking the woman involved in the heated kiss “hey what was that between you and —” and see what the reaction is. Maybe once they know you know it will throw some cold water on the two bathroom buddies.
In either case it’s such a dangerous game, cheating. You selfishly hurt so many people, family, friends, colleagues and for what? I have to say of all the people I know who have been cheated on or were the cheaters it was very rarely, ever worth it.

Good Luck and Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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