When you’re out at a bar and someone you just met offers to go to the bar and get you a drink or just hands you a drink should you except it? My friends say they could put a date rape drug in it but I never had a problem. I usually go to the bars alone so I never know how to react when men get me drinks so I always take them.

Dear Diana,

First let me ask, WHY are you going to the bars alone? That in it’s self is very scary and dangerous. Are you meeting friends there? is it a local bar you go to all the time where the people know you? do you stay long? have more than one drink? walk to your car alone? Your letter has set my Muther meter off screaming.
Excepting drinks, from a man or men you don’t know while you are at a bar alone is complete and total insanity.
I can’t stress enough how mindless, careless and dangerous what you are doing is. As horrific as rape is, I can think of many things that could be even more horrific, the top being torture and death. Do you ever watch the news?
Diana, please think again before you venture out at night alone to sit in a bar for a few drinks.
What you are doing is playing Russian roulette with your life and all for a few free drinks.

Be safe please.

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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