I just broke up with my boy friend. We were together 3 years and it got to a point of dullness and fighting non stop and I dont love him anymore as I once did. We sat for hours talking over our relationship the night we ended it and then again the next day. He left his work early to pick me up from work after my shift so we could talk more. He has been calling me up screaming and crying for me to come back but my mind is set. I have been staying at my parents house. He will not allow me to come by the apartment we shared to get my things. We work pretty much the same hours so when i have to go there he is always there and will not let me in the apartment. He either opens the door screaming or ignores me knocking. I managed to thtow a bunch of clothes in a bag when i left but i have alot more and other things that are mine. How am I going to get in our apartment? Should i ask for a day off work to go about this so i know he’s working, I feel crazy to take a day off for that.

Dear Beth,

You have a right to your belongs. I understand he is hurt and upset but your possessions are just that, yours. Call, text or email your ex that on ______ night after work at _____ time you are coming to get your things. Take a male family member or friend with you and get what is yours. If that doesn’t work you have no other choice but to contact the police who should then escort you to the house.
It is a tough situation for everyone and I hope your hurt ex is reasonable.

Good Luck and Huge Muther Hugs,


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