I’ve never told anyone but my sister this but people with disabilities make me woozy & light headed. I could be at the mall and see someone with a disability and my knees get weak and I swear I’m about to faint or be sick. It’s embarrassing to me because I don’t want to be that way or seem like a mean person. I hate it. Recently I met a friends sibling who had a mental disability and that same thing happened and I honestly couldn’t help it. It became obvious to my friend and she thought I was being dramatic and nasty and asked me to leave her home. See when I met the sibling I got the weakness in my knees and had to grab hold of the counter. I then walked away because I felt sick. When my friend asked what was wrong I was still woozy and the words didn’t come out right. I said I’m sorry , but I get sick around people like that.. As soon as I said it I knew it didn’t come out right. How do I explain this, so people understand I have no control over this and I feel terrible I’m this way.

Dear Marie,

Your reaction sounds to me like anxiety or fear. It is not the person or probably not the disability you are afraid of, it is something in you that becomes triggered when you see someone disabled. Then comes your natural human response to fear, flight or fight. Fainting and being sick are a result of your very deep rooted fear.
Marie, you must become desensitized from this fear and the only way I can think of that happening is either, getting to know someone with a disability and spending time with them, befriending them or seek professional help.
It is very scary when we are out of control of how we react and even more frightening when we show it to others.
Please speak to your Doctor to see if there is someone he would recommend to help you or slowly spend time getting to know someone, maybe your friends sibling, with a disability.
Truthfully Marie one definition of the word disability is: anything that disables or puts one at a disadvantage.
So you my friend have a disability that actually puts you at a disadvantage and it should be addressed.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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