Dear One tough Muther,

This is so embarrassing but i have such a sweet tooth. I start a diet and CAN NOT stick to it. I do well for a little and fall off the wagon. It seems that when i get upset i reach for sweets.When im stressed my go to is sweet sugary treats,…even sometimes when my day settles down it’s like ok lets go get my DRUG, bowl of ice cream. I hate it so much because i want to be in shape so badly. I stay active with hiking and my gym membership and chasing kids but if i’m just eating unhealthy, it is doing no good. I also have a difficult time with a healthy dinner. I LOVE pasta,.Home made mac and cheese, spaghetti you name it and with a good size family like i have it is so much easier to cook up pasta. Do you have any advice on how to change my thinking. I had the idea of when i feel like i’m having a sweet craving to do an exercise of some sort to distract me but i’m not sure how well that will work. What is wrong with me?? 🙁

Dear Jes,

You are addicted to sugar…there are people who are alcoholics and people who are addicted to drugs and sugar is just as addicting. The following article from Harvard University is mind blowing. and you need to break the habit.

Sugar, white flour, pasta all raise your blood sugar level and help you pack on pounds. Sugar addiction is such a problem the entire country is becoming overweight. From ice cream to candy, candy to cake, cake to pie, pie to pasta and believe it or not ketchup, everything is loaded with sugar. Did you know the average ketchup has 4 grams of sugar per tablespoon and 1 12oz can of soda has approximately 33 grams of sugar. Did you also know that women should limit sugar intake to no more than 6 teaspoons per day, which provides about 100 calories. 6 teaspoons of sugar a day is 24 grams, 24 grams and a can of soda is 33, that is insane.
There are a large number of studies comparing sugar to drugs. Both substances light up the same part of you brain, the reward center. The region of the brain that lights the same for drug, alcohol and sugar addictions.
I suggest you stock up of fruits and nuts, which works out perfect with summer right around the corner. Munch on them a few times a day and strictly limit your sugar intake. However remember, just like any addiction it will take time to kick this habit, you may experience headaches and tiredness but with hard work you can do it.
The end result will be more energy, weight loss, a happy feeling about yourself and a better mental attitude.

Huge Muther Hugs,


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