I’ve come across the post on Facebook or you hear of someone suffering or going into surgery or what not and we say ” I’ll keep you in my prayers” .. I’ve said this so many many times. And then I thought about it. I hardly ever pray. I even make it a point and tell myself “remember to pray for so and so,” but I don’t pray. I know I can’t be the only one who does this, or at least I hope not. Or maybe saying I’ll keep you in my prayers could mean that your thinking of them? If we say this line of “prayers” should we make it a point to sit our butts down and pray for people (however that works) ??

Dear Nina,

I think we all have been there and I DO NOT think you have to sit or kneel down to pray. I have prayed driving when I thought of someone who needed help, I have prayed while I am looking at the stars or the beautiful blue sky, when I have sat on the beach during a sunset, working in my yard, walking the dog, listening to the wind chimes, actually Nina I have prayed just about anywhere. When I have quiet time to think on my own, distracted I have prayed. If you keep someone in your thoughts and say, “Lord please help or guide or protect that someone” that is praying. Prayers are private, personal and heartfelt, where you are and when you say them makes no difference to the Lord.
So yes Nina, I think saying a prayer can be anywhere, at anytime or you can simply change what you say to “I will keep you in my thoughts” if you feel better about that.

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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