Dear OTM,

How can I deal with my father moving out of our house. My mom and him are splitting and my dad has an apartment now. My friends say it will be all different now, that I can’t just go to my dad’s, that now he will be dating & have a girlfriend and not want to deal with me. Do you think it’s 17 is it wrong or weird for me to want to spend time with my dad?

Dear Patrice,

You are not at all weird or wrong by wanting to spend time with your Dad. My father and I were very, very close. A divorce at any age can be very difficult on everyone, but Patrice there are things we can do so it doesn’t have to be so difficult. Talk to your Dad or send him a note telling him how you feel. I am sure he is very worried about how this will affect you and your relationship with him and by keeping an open line of communication things won’t get strained, confused or weird.
Patrice, I do think it is much harder for men to communicate their feelings than women at times, so opening up first to your Dad will help him to express his feelings and help you both in the long run.
Remember your parents love you and want you to be happy. Keep your love and consideration for each other a priority and it will help everyone get through the rough patches.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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