Should a mother allow her 10 year old daughter to occasionally wear makeup? Or is it just wrong. On My birthday I celebrated with my kids by seeing a movie. My daughter wanted to dress up nice and after getting herself ready I saw she had lipstick on, she then asked for eye shadow which I put a very light layer on.. But As I did this I wondered if it’s wrong. Should I have said no you’re to young? I’d never let this become habit at her age but am I allowing a bad habit by allowing it on occasion?

Dear Missy,

Uhh, yeah I think it is totally too young. Damn at 10 years old I think it is just too young to let her think even occasionally, is fine. If she is playing dress up, make up artist, beauty salon, or make believe AND not leaving the house ok, but a 10 year old should not be concerned with thinking they look better if they are wearing make up. Lip gloss or tinted chap stick is enough for that age but as far as eye shadow or anything else I suggest you wait until she is 13. There are certain birthdays that should be special. At 13 you are now a teenager, you are in junior high, you are becoming very self conscience and socially aware. At that age light, monitored eye shadow and lip gloss is ok to make you feel special but not at 10. Missy, next time she asks, tell her Honey wait until your 13, that will give her something special to look forward too. Believe me in this internet world they grow up too fast and too informed, keeping things low key a bit longer while you can.

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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