My daughter is 3 and unfortunately she needs to be in day care while I work. She’s excited to go in the morning and throws temper tantrums, fighting about leaving the school when I pick her up and sometimes the tantrum continues at home. Should I pull her out of the school and find another way of day care?

Dear Jill,

No Jill, what would make you want to remove your child from some place she is secure and comfortable in. You say she is excited to go, so it sounds like she likes it in her daycare which is a completely blessing ask any numbers of mothers.
However, as for the temper tantrums, I always called it the terror of three.
At the age of three, children now very easily make the connection between cause and effect. She causes a scene and she sees how it effects you, job done.
Jill, I know it is hard however you must try to stay calm and even detached. Temper tantrums at the age of three are usually precipitated by whining, verbal negativity, stubbornness or all because they know what’s coming and are frustrated that it is not what they want. Repeating no or stop, giving orders or yelling will only escalate the situation.So you have to find a way to defuse this bomb before she blows.
My suggestion, make it fun for her to go home. She obviously plays and has fun at daycare so she looks forward to all of the that interaction and when you come that ends. Make up a game that the two of you play in the car everyday on the way home or play some fun music.
I use to put on children’s music and we would sing real loud and silly and the kids loved it. If I were you I’d find some kidsbop c’d’s and listen to them in the car singing fun and silly along with them. Then when you drop her off in the morning I would say, when we go home tonight you get to pick the song we will sing tonight on our way home. Make it a game, make it fun and give her something to look forward to. Maybe that will help her over come her frustration about leaving daycare and make that ride home with Mommy special and fun.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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