Do you think cracking knuckles, backs, necks and anything else are related to Arthritis? Reason I ask is I crack many things. Knuckles, fingers, neck back even ankles and toes. I’ve noticed my toes if I squeeze them together that they cramp up and take a awhile to un cramp and I have no control over but to just wait. Almost like a numb feeling. Have I caused this by cracking?

Dear Lynn,

Thank you for the awesome question. Because I didn’t know the answer so I researched it. If you will click this link http://www.hopkinsarthritis.org/arthritis-news/knuckle-cracking-q-a-from/ you can read what I found. It few studies I read were interesting because I use to be a knuckle cracker.

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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