What should you do if you know someone is being physically abused? My neighbor is always bumped up with a bruised face or somewhere else on her. You can hear the husband screaming and I once asked if she was ok and if her husband did this and she broke down in tears and ran in her house. Should I report it? Not get involved? What would be best.

Dear Gen,

Please, please get involved this poor woman sounds frightened and alone. Often when people are broken, secluded and abused they blame themselves for the abuse and that mindset becomes a huge obstacle. Gen, I am sure this young woman is scared and may possibly have no where to go or no one to turn to. Can you try to get to know this woman and befriend her? She needs to feel comfortable. secure and to trust someone. Don’t pressure her, don’t question her, just befriend her. I don’t know if any of this is possible, I am just praying it can happen.
Gen, abuse is such a personal, dark secret and so all consuming so please, try not to judge this young woman. You are a wonderful person for wanting to help her and I trust that your genuine concern will shine through and you can help this woman.
If for any reason the abuse becomes absolutely apparent, if the woman is suddenly secluded or invisible or if you are aware of screaming and visible abuse, immediately call the authorities and speak to them about what you know.

God Bless and Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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