Dear One tough muther,

I am a single mother who struggles to pay her bills. My bills get paid but some are paid late. I choose to pay the things that effect my credit score first like my credit cards because i have excellent credit. But then every month my rent is paid late. Sometimes 2 weeks late because of it. My landlord hasnt said anything about the rent being late but I keep thinking after me paying it late so often maybe they won’t want to deal with me anymore and tell me to move. My rent is low and I know finding another place in my budget will be hard. So i’m asking you if i’m doing the right thing in my situation. or do you think I should stop paying my credit cards on time so that my rent can be on time instead?

Dear Shanna,

I was a single Mother of 4 and it is very difficult. I admire you for thinking through the effects of paying credit card bills late because a bad credit score follows you for a very long time.
I actually did what you are doing by paying me rent late however it was not to pay credit cards first, it was for heat, electric, water and so on. I was very, very careful to use a credit card only in an emergency because I knew I could never pay a large balance.
So my suggestion is to speak to your landlord, I did. I told her I was doing the very best I could and that I hadn’t missed a payment however 85% of my payments were late by a week or so. I explained why my rent was late and assured her I would do my very best to get the money to her on time. She was wonderful and said as long as I never missed a payment we would be fine.
Shanna, try speaking to who ever your landlord is and explaining. Maybe that will take some of the pressure off of you however be VERY careful to never miss a payment. Also do your very best to get the rent there as soon as possible and pay off the credit cards.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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