One tough Muther,

Why do you think I am grieving a man I never met? Robin williams which everyone has heard about by now and his passing is really hard on me. I feel like I lost an uncle. I’m embarrassed of that being he isn’t and I never met him but I’m very sad. Then to know how he passed which I think is so hard. He spent his life making others happy. Was most of the time he unhappy inside? I just watched a video of him on stage in front of an army. Making them laugh but then all I could think was how was he feeling at this moment, sad depressed as he is making others happy?? Sorry if this is a silly question but I feel silly saying this to anyone else. But I do think the way he died ,taking his own life is the part that is difficult.

Dear Emily,

You are not alone by any means, the world grieves for this wonderful man.
Robin Williams brought magic, laughter and love to so many people for an incredible number of years.
It is completely devastating that he struggled with demons that barricaded him in his own mind and try as he may he couldn’t break free.
The pressure he placed on himself to perform and make others happy when he was sinking deeply into depression must have been to much to bear. His struggles were public but his pleas for help seem muted by his silly antics and beautiful talent. My deepest sympathy and heartfelt wishes for peace and some form of understanding go out to his family.
Losing someone you love to suicide is so very confusing and completely crippling. You can not help but blame yourself for not really being there to help, not understanding how desperate that person must have felt and not stopping them. It is a pain that rocks you deep down in your core forever. Emily, my boyfriend committed suicide less than a year ago and I was with him, alone for his last breath. I will never understand how I didn’t see how deeply his depression had gotten or how I couldn’t stop it.
Take your time and grief for the loss of this wonderful, kind, warm, compassionate man, who touched so many with love and laughter, you are not alone in this sadness.

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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