Do you think cat food has an affect on a cats health. The reason I ask is I had been buying my cat this cheap brand of cat food. It seems like during that time my cat was licking a lot to the point of even pulling her hair out at certain spots. She also had itchy bumps all over. Then I bought Rachel ray brand cat food because it was on sale and I thought I’d try it . I just noticed my cats hair is growing back in the spots and all those bumps are completely cleared. It just occurred to me that it could have been the food? Her coat was even kind of nappy to the touch I guess greasy sort of and now it’s very soft and looks great.

Dear Ann,

Yes, i think the food we feed our animals does have an affect on their health. I have 2 Yorkshire Terriers 6 months a part in age. One gets ill eating dry dog food. She gets very itchy and has very bad breath. The dry food does not affect the other dog at all in any way. So I spoke to the vet and feed them a special food. Like people every animal is different. They have allergies, different likes and dislikes. For the sake of your poor kitty stick with the food that she reacts well to.
In the long run she will be happier and I guarantee you will save money on vet bills.

Good luck and Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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