I have been dating someone for six months who does not like my cats. I have two and they are my babies. They are good cats and aren’t nasty or anything. My boyfriend deals fine with them when he comes over but when he talked about moving in together he mentioned that my pets can not come. My boyfriend does not have any cat allergies or fears. He said he just doesn’t want the cats living in the same home as him. So my question is should I have to give up my pets for him?

Dear Theresa,

What???? Put on the brakes. What if your cats were your kids?
If you love your cats and say they are your babies there is only one question, are you serious about allowing someone you’ve known for 6 months to control your life?
Theresa if this guy had severe allergies or fear it would be one thing but if this Dude cares about you and wants to be with you the cats are not an issue. I have serious concern about someone who would try to alter your life or put terms on what needs to happen if you move in together.
As far as I’m concerned he knows you love your cats and that they are part of your life, case closed.
I also feel you should think twice before you even consider moving in with someone who wants to dictate how you live.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,


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