I recently moved into a Apartment …Love it very much , except they don’t allow pets….Ive Alway had a Cat or two my entire Life …My Cat had to be put down before I moved into the Apartment..Just Months before….I miss having a Kitty so much..I dream about it …I asked my Landlord ..The answer was No…My friends suggest sneaking one in…I wont at all….what would be the best idea for this dilemma…?

Dear Cat Lady,

I completely understand. I like cats as well but I love dogs and currently have two.
I would be heart broken if I didn’t have my “frogs,” I call them frogs because they are small, with me.
My honest opinion is to wait until you are in the apartment 6 months to a year and you prove you are a wonderful, responsible tenant. Then have a conversation with the landlord and ask again. I also suggest telling your landlord you will have the cat spay/neutered and you will be clipping it’s nails. Hopefully that will help sway them situation.

Good luck



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