Hi! I’m 18 and have been dating Beckett for five months. My
Mom is bugging me to bring him home to meet her. I’m not worried about Beckett but I’m worried about the 100 questions mom will ask him. Why are parents on our case so much ?

Dear Addy,

We are on your case so much, because we love you, want to protect you and want you to have the best. Do we go about it wrong?
Sometimes HELL yes! We love you so much and try so hard, that we sometimes forget that after a certain age, you have to experience life and make your own decisions, sorry.
So what is the right thing to do, sit your Mom down and brief her. Don’t yell, lecture or give her ultimatums simply speak to her one adult to another. Tell her you are willing to bring Beckett home but not if she is going to grill him.
Plain and simple you would like her to respect your guest and treat him like she would expect you to treat and respect a guest she would bring home, period.
She must understand that if those simple curtsies can’t be extended, there will be no meeting of the Beckett, which I think would be crappy for both of you.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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