Dear oneTough Muther,

My boyfriend is very controlling. He tells me he loves me so much that he is trying to protect me and I believe him but I think he is very jealous too.
We are juniors in the same school. I am not allowed to sit with, stand with or talk to any others guys, even though they were my friends.
He watches me all the time and if he isn’t there he has one of his friends watching me and reporting to him. He is very popular and all the girls love him so I feel very lucky to have him but it’s also a little weird.
The other day he pushed me against the wall in my basement and got in my face because he said someone told him I was walking with an old friend.
He apologized later and said he was just worried he’d lose me and I sholdn’t make him worried.
I feel lonely because all my friends stay away now, what do you think?


Dear Lost,

I think you are headed down and very slippery slope. Your boyfriend shows all the signs of being a mental and NOW physical abuser. He alienates you from your friends, has you followed and watched, having your activities reported back to him and now he PUSHES you and gets in your face for walking with an old friend? What’s next a slap, a punch, then who knows.

Lost, this Guy is a controlling, manipulative, young man who skillfully turned the table on you, making you think the “push” was your fault and the reason he was upset and worried he’d lose you. Seriously, this relationship is headed no where but down.
Popular or not he is a ticking time bomb with a need to control you in every way possible.
My friend, now is the time for you to regain control of yourself and your life. Have fun, have friends and enjoy your young life. No one, not one person has the right to control you.


One Tough Muther

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