My child is very dangerous and I am afraid one day he will get badly hurt. He’s only three too! He runs through parking lots while I tell him to STOP he yells back to me NO and continues running. Two weeks ago at a amusement park he unbuckled his seat belt while on a ride while it was moving and tried to stand up! Then a few days ago while I had my four month old child and him at the store I was paying the cashier and my son ran straight out of the store into the parking lot. The workers had to help me chase my son Bc of the fact I had my baby too. One tough muther I am falling apart, I’m surprised I haven’t ran out of tears over this.. And before you say it we discipline him, spank his butt, time out, tell him why it is so dangerous to do this and tell him to stop. My kid is smart as anything so it hits a nerve when someone says he could have ADHD or could be autistic. That’s not the case this boy is smart . Is this just a phase, please !!

Dear Megan,

Danger, danger, danger.
That boy is smart, he is witty and he know exactly when to execute. as for ADHD or Autism, stop he is 3.
My oldest son was a lot like this. He put me through it all. He figured out how to get out of his car seat and open the door of the moving car, walk the dog at the age of 3 in the middle of winter at 5:30 in the morning, climb on everything to unlock “well placed” locks for security, hide in a clothing rack in the store until the MP’s (military police) came looking for him because we thought he was abducted and so much more. Today he runs the IT department for a very large school district and is almost done getting his doctorate in education.
Megan the key to stopping him from self destructing was, stern and complete consistency when he displayed unacceptable behavior in the moment, then and there. I made my son sit in the cart at every store or hold the stroller. If he let go I immediately told him to take hold or he went home. AND I did have to take him home, mid-shopping trip 4 separate times. I’d then leave him with his father, a neighbor or who ever I could as he stood there screaming and crying he wanted to go with me. Once he grasped the fact that he wasn’t going to be allowed to stay in the store or even go with me if he acted up, he stopped. Geez, my sisters son had to have a child leash so he won’t run away and dart into the parking lot.
Megan he is three years old which is a very, very trying age and you have to be stern and consistent if YOU hope to come out of it a live. Yes Doll, this is just a phase but it can last longer than you want if you don’t follow through. He will eventually stop acting out when you show him that HE is not in control. Yelling ans spanking does nothing to these kids they are smart and they are tough, the only thing that I ever found to work was complete and immediate consequences to undesirable behavior.
When you show what you expect and nothing less, most times after a few trials and errors they get it.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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