Hi One tough muther,

My name is Michelle and I have been dating my boyfriend for three years now. We live together as well. I recently lost some weight and really got myself into shape. I look at my body as beautiful, I love it and I am proud of myself, so that being said I am enjoying shopping for clothes. Most times with my boyfriend, and most are fitted clothing to show off my new body. Anyways skipping ahead a little bit my boyfriend and I go clubbing or to the bars with Friends almost every weekend, and yes I tend to wear short shorts, cropped shirts, tight dresses whatever, I’m 22 and I am trying to be my age. When we get to the bar we start off with having a good time then my boyfriend ALWAYS starts with how my clothes are trashy, he says to me would I wear this out fit out with my family..BUT I’m not with my family right now, I’m at the club. If he has such a problem with what i’m wearing why does he wait until we go out to say anything? And I really don’t think I need his approval. He’s the center of my world when we go out. I’m not flirting else where or anything ( which he accuses me of doing though). I am just so frustrated. I either change whats hanging in my closet to avoid this- but i know he will find a problem with anything I wear or ignore it?

Dear Michelle,

Let me get this straight. Your live in boyfriend goes clothes shopping with you, sees what you have on when you leave the house to go clubbing and for some reason waits until your at the club to call you out about what you’re wearing? How many drinks in does it take for Mr Beer Muscles to start spouting and trashing your fashion with his opinion? If the answer is none, then you have a guy on your hands that can’t speak his mind one on one and needs his posse “friends” around.
If you are comfortable with what you wear and are proud of how you look, then you should wear what you like. WHAT makes one adult, think they have the right to tell another adult, how to dress or act. You are not his possession or property to command. You are his girlfriend, a grow woman who has the right to make her on attire decisions. Besides you say your behavior while clubbing is very respectful of him, so I am not sure what exactly he is jealous of but whatever it is too bad.

Michelle, don’t ignore his rude comments simply ask him to keep them to himself. You have the right to dress anyway you are happy with and if he doesn’t approve I’m sorry but that’s his problem. Calling you out after the fact is cowardliness and he needs to get over it. Ask him to sit down with you and tell you why he says what he says. Maybe, if you’d like there is a compromise, so you both are happy and comfortable.

Good luck.

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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