Dear OTM,

My best friend since the 2nd grade is newly engaged. I should be happy for him but his fiancé is horrible. She is disrespectful to his family, friends and she keeps him on a very tight leash. When he would want to come out with me or the guys golfing or to get a beer, she would insist on coming or he couldn’t go. I have heard her bad mouth his sister and mom right in front of him and he doesn’t say a word. I have tried to get along with her many times, she is just rude and a downright b*tch. He wants me to be in the wedding but I don’t feel comfortable watching my best friend throw his life away. What do I do?


Dear Colin,

Wow, is she really that bad? Are you telling me that she is so bad, you would dis your lifelong friend. If what you tell me is true, then why does your best friend allow his girlfriend to treat him so poorly? Not to mention disrespect his family. Remember Colin, people can only treat you and speak to you the way you allow them. So why would he allow it, he is your best friend, have you ever asked him?

Colin, it’s plain and simple Dude, this isn’t about you or how you feel about Bridezilla, this is about your best friend and how he would feel if you aren’t there for him on one of the most important days of his life. Put it aside Colin and step up to the plate and thank him for the honor of being asked to stand up with him and tell him you’d be honored. He is your best friend and has been for many years. You guys have stood together through thick and thin, through the ups and downs, as well as the good, the bad and the ugly.
So Colin, be there for him, like a true friend would.

Over and Out!


One Tough Muther

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