Dear Otm,
This question came from friends of mine who wanted my opinion in which I gave them but let’s see what you say. They have two dogs, Chiwawa’s who are outside quite a bit. They have the invisible fence in their yard though. The question was- There is a woman who takes walks past their house every evening with her dog. My friends Chiwawa’s do bark a lot and it’s no different when someone walks by. So while this woman walks by the Chiwawa’s bark which gets the walkers dog to act up. The walker yelled to my friends to put their dogs inside the house. I should mention to that the woman walks on the opposite side of the road. Should they have to put their dogs inside while this walker walks by even though they stay in their yard because of the invisible fence or should this lady find a different route and have no say to if they should put their dogs inside?

Dear Anna,

Winner, winner chicken dinner, this question could be about me.
I have two small dogs I walk EVERY night. Because of where we live and the hour I get home, I have to take one of three routes. ALL routes have yards with dogs in them. Some yards have the invisible fence, some have the visible fence and some have no fence at all but there are a lot of dogs.
My dogs are terriers and depending on the yard we are walking by they can be yappie. Chance and Moe are so smart they know which dogs to get to join in and bark back. I would never consider asking the home owner to, “take in your dogs” as I walk by.
Is that woman for real? You know what is coming when you walk that route so either change the route or deal with it.
Wow, people blow my mind with their sense of entitlement.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,


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