This is horrible to say but do you think us as mothers favor one of our children over the others?
Sometimes i feel as though i favor one of my children over another. I feel like i tend to baby my youngest more, hug him and kiss him more then my others.I have a harder time punishing or yelling at him. When i look at him i still see my baby. He is only 6. He seems so little to me. He is also very affectionate back and very receiving to my hugs. I show a lot of love to my other children don’t get me wrong and they know they are loved but my oldest once said to me why does everyone think they are so cute ( referring to my youngest). They then said you kiss and hug them so much. I felt like such a bad mom at first but when i thought about it i treated all my children this way at that age. But now i purposely go out of my way to give more kisses and hugs to all my kids as to not favor one over the rest.

Dear Angie,

Huge hug to you! I don’t think there is a Mom in the world who doesn’t think at times that she is a “bad” Mom.
What you just described is completely normal. Almost all of us baby the youngest, they ARE the baby of the family.
It is my opinion that you are a fabulous Mom. You realized a possible lopsided situation and immediately corrected it.

Mom are people to who make errors so don’t worry, there will be plenty of other circumstances that will make you feel like you screwed up or are a bad Muther. And I’m sure due to your heart felt letter, you will address them and correct them too.
So don’t sweat the small stuff.

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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