Dear One tough muther,

My friend’s girlfriend has really bad breath. It’s pretty unbearable. When she talks to you, you have to hold your breath so you don’t smell it.She is a pretty girl and very nice but that mouth, ekk. Everyone is aware of it and tease her behind her back. It’s rude I know but it’s so easy. I’ve wondered if someone should say something to her about it. But then again how do you tell someone , Hey ,you have really bad breath ,please fix it. Is there any nice way of telling her or should we just let it be and hope it clears on it’s own?


Dear Lena,

Chronic bad breath can be very serious. It can be a number of health issues.

Type 1 – Bad breath that takes its origin from the tongue dorsum (back of the tongue) or other tongue disorders (black tongue), bacterial imbalance of the mouth, cavities, gum disease, bio-film formation in the oral cavity.

Type 2 – Halitosis that originates from around the oral cavity. Post nasal drip, Waldeyer’s lymphoid ring, tonsilloliths, retro-nasal mucosa, oropharynx etc.

Type 3 – Halitosis originating from the gastrointestinal canal. Such conditions include chronic acid reflux, hiatal hernia, H. pylori gastritis, bacterial over growth, mal-absorptions, gastric ulcers, gut and colon diseases.

Type 4 – Bad breath from blood gases. Disorders and diseases that prevent metabolic substances to be evacuated by the body through proper kidneys and/or liver functions. When these organs cease their filtering action, the metabolic wastes enter the blood streams. As a result, the lungs expel the toxins when exhaled causing a constant state of severe bad breath.

So someone needs to inform and help her, but who? Does she have a sister, a best friend or someone close to her. Having someone make the move to help would be best thing they could do for her health.
I am very worried that this constant and chronic condition will get worse and ultimately negatively impact her health and your relationship.

Please address this stinky issue as soon as you can and clear the air.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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