Dear One tough Muther,

Hi, My husband and I are a proud parents of a 8 year old beautiful girl ! But our family is growing. We found out 5 months ago that we are expecting! We recently found out that the sex is a boy. We are beyond excited!

I threw the idea out there about how helpful a a baby shower would be, being that my last pregnancy was so long ago and i by now gave away most of my baby items and i’m sure they would be out dated anyway. My mother in-law says that you absolutely do not have another baby shower. You have one once and done with the first child. Is it such a crazy idea to have a baby shower for my second. I even thought of hosting it this time around with a close friend and of course my mother in-law thinks that is a bad idea. Did I miss the memo? Is it wrong to have another shower?

Dear Jess,

I believe the old unwritten rule has always been one and done, however, I totally understand what you are saying. With such a large spread in age between your first a girl and this baby a son, you are basically having a second family. Sorry to say I’m not sure how well received another shower will be especially if you are hosting it for yourself, friend involved or not. If your mother-in-law thinks it’s a bad idea, I’m afraid she may put a damper on it.

Hey wait, I have a killer idea! Why don’t you and a male relative throw a baby boy shower for your HUSBAND. He is getting his son and HE has never had a baby shower so this would be his first! When I had baby showers for my daughter-in-laws I always bought my son’s baby gift. I got each of my son’s and my oldest son’s best friend a cool camo diaper bag for men plus tons of other fun stuff.
It would be fun and your husband would probably love it. You can serve the food men love, beer and any women that would like to come are welcome as well. Hey, your mother-in-law should be thrilled, her son will be getting the attention.

Good luck and let me know how it works out.

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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