A friend and I are going to the beach for the day next week. She just had a baby who is three weeks old. She isn’t sure if she should bring the baby to the beach or not. Her husband offered to keep the baby for the day because his job he works with family and he is able to have the baby with him, he works from his parents home with his father. He says not to take the baby because he thinks his wife won’t enjoy herself.. She’s unsure what to do. The husband is very good with the baby and the plan is for him to have him at his job when she goes back to work so this isn’t odd and she knows he will be taken care of. She’d like to take a day of vacation before she goes back to work but should she take the day without the baby, is a beach no place for a three week old baby?

Dear Gillian,

Please, DO NOT take a three week old baby to the beach, my opinion. What benefit will a three week old get out of going to the beach, nothing.It is hot, sandy and no place for a three week old.
It is wonderful for the baby’s father to say he will spend the day caring for and bond with his child. Very responsible and considerate of the father to step up and offer to take over for the day so his wife can enjoy some stress free time before she goes back to work.
Please tell her to go to the beach without the baby, enjoy some free time and give the daddy a chance to be responsible for his child’s care. Everything about that scenario is so right, on so many levels.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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