Dear OTM,

Do you think if I ask god that he will answer my wishes? I’m not talking “can I have a million dollars” but if I ask for guidance to know what to do in a situation that he will answer? And how would I know he answered? Can I ask god for help to be stronger during a difficult time? Will he listen? I just really need guidance right now and strength and I don’t know where to turn.

Dear Glenda,

Yes, I think God does help us when we ask. He guides us to be stronger and make good decisions.
How do you know if he answers? I know that when I am unsure, confused, frightened or upset and I ask God to help I slowly begin to think clearer and answers seem to come to me. God is always with us. He is the sun, the wind, the rain and still. He speaks to us through us. He guides us and gives us options to make the right choices, it is you who decides to listen. he gives us other people to ask for help from, friends, family and even strangers. He pushes us to use our own resources, what he has given in us, to enable us to come up with an answer.
Glenda we all have questioned God’s ability to hear and help us but if you ask you will receive, if you seek, you will find it, if you believe in yourself and that you are doing the right thing, he will believe in you to. He has given us a brain for a reason and we certainly can’t pray away somethings, ill, tragedy, acts of violence against children but we can stop, think things through completely, ask for help from others and then start again by working to resolve the problem.
Remember, nothing changes unless you change it, God is there to advice you on how to make the change but you must DO It.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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