I know this sounds terrible but I have so many people around me who are very sad and depressed. It doesn’t affect me, I’m still cheerful me . We all have a bad day but most of the time I’m in good spirits. I’m very annoyed at these depressed people. I feel like screaming get over it already, stop thinking negative for christ sake.i do realize that it is a Sickness though but God im so annoyed anymore at them !

Dear Ryan,

Ugh, I understand it can be so hard to listen to negativity day, after day, after day.
And you are completely right, depression is an illness and something that can not be just gotten over, professional help is unusually needed. However, constant negativity is a lot of times just a habit or a state of mind. The truth is some people are just not happy unless they are unhappy. If they don’t have someone or something to grumble about they manufacture something. Those people just need to either get over it or get going.
I hate when people complain, complain and complain but do NOTHING to improve or change their circumstance.
I always remind negative people that if you change nothing, then nothing will change! The truth is a negative mind will never give you a positive result. You are 100% right Ryan, not everyone is happy and upbeat all the time because we all have bad days, however you just have to snap out of it and move on. Everyday is a new opportunity to start again, change something or try something new. Life is way to short to be stuck in the “poor me” cycle.
So Ryan my advice to you is for you to distance yourself from the negative vibes. The less you respond to negative people, the more peaceful and rich your life will become. Stay upbeat and happy and keep moving forward in your life. If they get stuck on the pity party wheel I’m sorry but it is their responsibility to find a way off.

Good Luck Ryan and have a great life.

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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