Mom of three here. My sister is a single mom who just picked up a job and it requires her to work Saturday overnights. She assumed I’d take her 9 month old son every Saturday, she told me she was counting on me. Yes I’m home, but my three are enough work then to add my baby nephew would be so much more. I hate to put my sister out but I also don’t want to be obligated to that every Saturday. I told my sister that I’m not sure that it will work. She got angry. Should I suck it up and do it for family?

Dear Jess,

No, you should not “suck it up”, you should be completely honest with your sister and tell her how you feel. It is wonderful when we can help anyone in need, especially a family member, however your sister should not have taken an overnight employment position without being positive she had arrangements for her son. Her son is her #1 priority as well as HER responsibility and she should have spoken to you first and then asked you for help, not informed you she was counting on you.
Jess, I was a single Mother of four children and worked full time as well. I never expected anyone to rearrange their lives to watch my children. I did ask and get help from my sister, who I paid to watch them and my parents if need be, but I never expected or counted on anyone unless we spoke about it and they committed.
All I can suggest is if you can try to help her out until she can make other arrangements. Maybe you could take your nephew once or twice a month to cut down on her paying someone every week, but there needs to be someone else in the mix to watch him during the other Saturdays.
So my suggestion, be honest Jess because eventually the truth will surface anyway.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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