I’ll be graduating hs this year and I’m freaking out. My parents expect me to get a job and move out since I’ve decided to not attend college. How do they expect me to do this? I’m going to fall flat on my face. Great parents I have !!

Dear Bev,

It’s ok! It’s absolutely normal to freak when something in your life comes to an end and something else begins. EVERYBODY freaks, so chill. Seriously Bev, if you are not attending college, trade school or pursuing some form of training you should be getting a job, it’s a time to grow up. But to be immediately expected to move out, that’s a bit extreme. I can’t image your parents mean move out the day after graduation, unless there is an issue.
The truth is, I can’t think of any job that you could start directly out of high school that would allow you to be immediately able to support yourself and i’m sure they can’t either. Wait a minute, hold the phone here I wonder, is it possible that your parents are throwing this idea of you moving out at you, to give you some incentive to go to college or trade school? Maybe they are trying to show you what life could be like if you have no form of career training. Whatever the case it’s time for a sit down.
Bev, talk to your parents, tell them your fear and how you feel and listen, YES listen to what they are saying. Maybe come to an agreement like you will get a job and pay them rent. Hey, I paid my parents rent while I was in high school.
Whatever their intent there is an misunderstanding here and you need to address it and move past it.
Bev, good luck with your graduation and your parents, I truly hope all goes well.

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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