Dear one tough muther,

I think my roommate has a facebook addiction.If there is such a thing. Let me explain. Her phone is always in her hand. If we are out her first instinct is to “check in” at where she is.. Then when she takes pictures it is not just to have the picture. It’s for facebook. It’s crazy to me. She is always up dating her statuses way to much and ignoring us around her because she is busy surfing the news feed and sharing pictures.I even have found myself spending way to much time on facebook so i decided to uninstall the app from my phone. I even challenged her to leave her iphone at home and to go out for a full day without it. Both of us. Let me tell you, our day was perfectly normal and relaxing, we seemed to enjoy our day a little better without our phones burning a hole in our pocket.

This may be a silly question but i was curious on your feelings. Not so much about my roommate and I ; but on society TODAY. Do you believe people depend to much on technology,on iphones and spend an over amount of time on social media like facebook, twitter, instagram ect. I couldnt even tell you how many times i see people out together but are each on there iphones fingers swiping . Why can’t we just enjoy our day with the people in front of us rather than sharing what we are doing with hundreds of followers?

Dear Social Media Melody,

This is an enormous and continuously growing problem. People are becoming so dependent on FB, Twitter, text, email and so much more technology that they have ruined their real life relationships over it. My friend is an officer of the court and she says the way she sees it now is, 85% of all disputes and 90% of divorces between started with one of the parties cheating, stalking, searching, viewing, hiding, chatting or looking for someone other than their mate.
Go to a restaurant and tell me how many people are on their phones. I have seen families sit in silence while everyone was checking their phone. So sad.

I have seen kids as young as 3 years old banging away on the internet, skillfully. Why interact with Mom or Dad when you need an answer to a question, want to talk to someone or you need help, GOOGLE IT.
The way of the world has changed and I am not sure if it is for the better.

Kudos to you, Melody for leaving FB and your phone behind for a day. But I will bet everyone who tried to reach you was upset they couldn’t “find” you. Ugh….

All I can say is that humanity will suffer for it and so will we. There in nothing like human interaction, useless of course you are talking to your dog! ha ha ha.
Thank you for the letter and for opening up about “how social is toooo social?”

Huge Muther Hugs,


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