Facebook, the brain child of a few sharp Harvard University students, is now the largest social network in the world.
Launched in February of 2004, 13 short years ago, Facebook reports to now have over 1.79 billion active monthly users and 1.18 billion active daily users, globally. With a worth of more than 350 billion dollars, the Facebook app has been downloaded into desktops, laptops, smart phones, tablets, ipads and smart TV’s billions of times.

So how can the social giant possibly control, police or prevent what seems to be atrocious trend surfacing on Facebook Live.

Bullying, suicides, rape, torture and murder are now part of the horrific events on Facebook Live as recently as tonight, April 26, 2017.
With billions of apps downloaded into billions of devices around the world, how can anyone, anywhere possibly halt this appalling craze? I personally believe that nothing short of taking Facebook Live or any other Social Media Live stream down, will be able to completely stop this infatuation with sensationalism. I can’t believe there is a patch, workaround or update that could possibly correct a malfunction in the human mind.
So I implore you Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Instagram, Jack Dorsey of Twitter, Evan Spiegel of Snapchat, as well as all the powers at YouTube, or any other social platform that allows and/or encourages live video streaming, to develop security measures before the app is released or rethink the entire LIVE STREAMING VIDEO scenario.

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