My daughters’ father died of suicide when I was 4 weeks pregnant and I remarried when she was 3 and she knows him still as dad even though we divorced when she was 9. He had money and I live on SSDI and my parents have given her the world so she is materialistic. When she was 12 my mom took her away from me, tricked me. I am bipolar and have since then brain injury (5X). I lost my daughter because I did not know my rights or have money to have a lawyer. I was forced to have no contact with my daughter but no one told my daughter that instead my mom told her that she did not know why I never called. My mom would treat us as equals and never made Meg respect or mind me. She told her I chose a man over her and that is a LIE!!!!! Now we have a horrible relationship and she does not respect me or want much to do with me, in fact, I was the only one not invited to her wedding last December and if I had come she would not get married. I have now had 5 brain injuries. 1st was a car accident and rest from falling except for last week I had a car accident. I have narcolepsy and fell asleep driving (I take medication & I no longer drive). My daughter’s birthday is the 18th this month and she will not come to see my mom if I am staying home. My mom takes care of me. I refuse to leave for the night. She is angry over my behavior last visit at her home because she felt I did not pay enough attention to them. So she is holding a grudge and I think she needs to get over it and I don’t feel I should have to leave my home just so she can come. She needs to grow up and get over it and he an adult. If she wants to come then I should be able to stay in my home.
What do you think?

Dear Sherry,

I am so sorry for all that you are going through and YES you should be able to stay in the house.
Since when does an 18 year old dictate the way others live and breathe? She is acting very immature and selfish.
However Sherry you must also clear the air. Ask her to meet you for coffee and then explain in a very calm manor exactly what has happened for the last 18 years. Let her vent her feelings by listening to what is hurting her and then tell her the exact truth.
Sherry, if it doesn’t get through her head now maybe it will have to be repeated in the future. Your daughter sounds as though she has a very large chip on her shoulder towards you and it may take time for her to understand the truth, but don’t give up.
Life is too short to waste on the past. The past is gone and there is nothing that can change done to change it.
However it is a wonderful time for you and your daughter to start a new relationship that will be based on truth and understanding.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

They say the truth will set you free, in your case it is a huge must and she is old enough to hear it.

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